Hey there! I’m Em, and I’m the person behind the lens for the photos you see here. I’m 23 and based in South East England, but willing (and more than happy!) to travel further afield.

My journey into concert photography began with a deep love for both live music and visual storytelling. From the moment I picked up a camera, I knew I had found my calling. With each click of the shutter, I aim to freeze-frame moments that encapsulate the essence of live music – the sweat-soaked intensity of a performer lost in the music, the euphoric connection between artist and audience, and the pulse-pounding excitement of a crowd united in sound.

My ultimate goal as a music photographer is to really capture the energy of the gig, and make others feel like they are there and part of it, even if they are just watching through the screen, in hopes it encourages them to catch the next show. As a big music lover myself, I aim to take my passion and express it visually to others.

Other services I provide include photography at Events, Videography and Music video Production. Please feel free to get in touch with your project ideas and we can have a chat to see what we can offer.

2017- Project Knockdown, Brighton Fringe Festival. Photography and videography exhibition.

2018- Pixel8, Brighton Fringe Festival. Photography and Marketing/Social Media manager for a gaming event.

2018- Unwonted Stage, The Alternative Escape. Working and taking photos for an afternoon performance at The Open Market, Brighton.

2018- Protest Fest. An evening concert, part of the team planning and running the event. Taking photos at the event.

2023-Current- Working with CultManic.com as a writer and photographer.

2024- Nominated for Young Music Photographer of the year award 2024

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